Who & What

Josh Gilreath, Robert “Bob” H. Gilreath, & Aperture Construction

Modus Operandi

Josh Gilreath and Robert “Bob” H. Gilreath work in tandem to create confusion during the process, and create excuses for one another. They do not pay subcontractors, as multiple victims have had liens on their properties. In most, if not all cases, they find an excuse to fire the subcontractor, who then is not paid for his services. They then bring in different subcontractors and request the client pay more.


  • Robert “Bob” H. Gilreath is running for City Council in East Ridge, TN. This is disgusting.
  • Josh Gilreath was taken to court by an AC Company. They admitted in open court that they had taken funds from the customer, but not paid the sub-contracted AC company. Diversion of funds is a felony offense. There may be open warrants for Josh Gilreath andRobert “Bob” H. Gilreath.
  • B&B Specialty Company is a defunct endeavor in Chattanooga, TN and may have victims.
  • Josh Gilreath is listed as a Committee Chair for the Professional Development Committee of the Nashville Junior Chamber, despite the current and former Presidents being informed of his actions.
  • Josh Gilreath is still currently a member of the Nashville Symphony’s Crescendo Club.
  • Josh Gilreath is a member of the Associated General Contractors of Tennessee.
  • Josh mentioned once that his mother, Bonnie Moore Gilreath, “does the books” for Aperture Construction. We are positive that she is also complicit.
  • Associated Address: 595 Hicks Rd, Apt 21B, Nashville, TN 37221
  • Associated Address: PO Box 158056, Nashville, TN 37215
  • Associated Numbers: 615-878-9252, 901-612-2240 x2701

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