Timeline of Events

Over $1,000,000 in Construction Fraud from at least 12 Nashville Residents

Mar-Jun 2014 – Victim #1 – $85K – Downtown Nashville

Aperture was contracted to complete a commercial build-out. The subcontractors were not paid and placed a lien on the property, which violated the lease of the tenant.

May 2014 – Victim #2 – $25K – Hendersonville

Local pizza restaurant in Hendersonville, TN. Taken to court and received a default judgement. Details to come.

May 2014 – Victim #3 – $15K – Nashville

Contractors who were never paid for work on the pizza restaurant in Hendersonville, TN and additional work. Details to come.

Dec 2014 – Victim #4 – $?K – Nashville

Homeowner. Taken to court. Details to come.

May-Sep 2015 – Victim #5 – $964K – Silvan Park

Aperture was contracted to build a home in the Sylvan Park neighborhood of Nashville. There are numerous complaints including: operating illegally, not having a Tennessee contractor license, not having ANY stamped architectural drawings, building the wrong size foundation, marking-up services 78%, and more. After being summoned to court, neither Josh Gilreath nor Bob Gilreath showed. There was a default judgement declared.

If you are interested, please read the full complaint and case summary:

Aug 2015 – Victim #6 – $28K – Green Hills

Aperture was contracted to remodel a bathroom. Details to come.

Jan-Mar 2016 – Victim #7 – $30K – Green Hills

Aperture was contracted to replace the kitchen cabinets and countertops, and to complete a full master bathroom remodel. $15K was paid upfront. Cabinets were never ordered. Bathroom was gutted. Had to hire another company to finish the work for $15K.

May 2016 – Victim #8 – $80K – Icon In The Gulch

Aperture was contracted to remodel and join two units in The Icon. Intentionally left water pipes unconnected and covered them up with drywall. Multiple liens placed on property. Taken to court by subcontractors and received a default judgement. Details to come.

Sep-Oct 2016 – Victim #9 – $8K – Oak Hill

Aperture was contracted to complete a full kitchen remodel for $34K. $8K was paid upfront. Workers informed homeowner that neither Bob nor Josh had paid them for the current work, nor for a previous job. The workers were owed $7K. The homeowner was informed by a concerned neighbor that the workers got into an argument with Bob Gilreath in the driveway regarding payment. Bob promised payment, but never delivered. More details to come.

Dec 2016 – Victim #10 – $?K –

Liz V. – Please contact us!

From BBB – This company takes more than 4 months to pay invoices. I am still awaiting payment today 03/09/17 from an invoices issued 10/29/16.

Aug 2018 – Victim #11 – $?K –

Lu R. – Please contact us!

From BBB – Terrible experience with hiring this company to do my remodel project. I would like to give 0 if the system could.They asked for a high price but provided with cheap material and rough work. Their service is extremely poor. They told me it would be all finished in one week. But after eight weeks there’re still something need to be done. They told me “this’s is the requests from city inspector”, but they never can explain the reason why and refuse to give me the name of the inspector and asked me to call the city or give me a list of twelve inspectors to let me try to find out whom the mysterious inspector is. They asked for $975 for rebuilding a 7 stires and they want to ask for another $200 to install a handle for this stairs ( they told me the city inspector requested) and when I tried to install it by myself by purchasing it from home depot with only $12, they refuse to tell me what’s the details of the requests. I really don’t think they cares about any comments about their service. I just want to warn you who can read this and above comments to keep away from this company.